Friday, July 31, 2009

Woohoo I'm excited!

Ok not so much, tonight Rob and I need to shovel a bunch of dirt and empty it around the house. Grading for the new rock we are going to put down and to keep water from getting in the basement, there is already a crack in the foundation. To top it off yesterday when getting home I noticed a huge crack in the driveway, yep when the truck dropped the dirt off it cracked. Nice! Sharon my mother-in-law is taking Ian for the night so Rob and I can get a good amount of work done uninterrupted.

What I am excited for is going to the MOA tomorrow with my bestie Cheri and my future daughter-in-law. Yep Chloe will be marrying my Ian when they are old enough of course. Then on Sunday we are going to my Aunt's for a surprise Birthday party for my grandma which should be interesting considering she's turning 80 and has dementia pretty bad. It's sad really. She gets very mean, thinks everyone in the assisted living is sleeping together (which is funny if you think about it) and she is hallucinating quite a bit. Tells us stories about how these men are always moving the trees outside her windows. My mom says they are thinking they may need to move her to the memory care center soon. Which really stinks because she won't be able to do what she really wants. But as of now she pretty much stays in her room. It takes her 3+ hours to pick out what she is going to wear for the day.

Hopefully Sunday will turn out nice and she doesn't have a heart attack when we all yell "Surprise"

Update on the family: Ian will be 18 months on the 9th which I truly can't believe, seems young to some but for me well he's getting to old. Next thing I know he'll be 2! He's babbling more, says a few words, but the fun part has come, the hitting and throwing of things. We of course tell him no but other then that I don't really know what else to get him to stop. For example, this morning I was on the computer at the kitchen table and he was next to me babbling and whining. I ignored the whining and next thing I know he's hitting my side. He wanted to get up in the chair with me and play on the computer (push random buttons) I of course told him "No, we don't hit." So other then that I don't know if there is anything else I should do or say.

Rob is doing well, Loonatix is done as of today and the equipment is all going down to Al's house tomorrow. I'm happy about it but sad at the same time for Rob's sake. He's looking forward to new things but sad that this chapter of his life is closing.

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  1. I am super excited for Saturday too! It should be a good time! I know how you feel about your grandma. We went through that with my grandpa and it's so hard to see. What's even harder is that thee is nothing that you can do to stop it. You will get thruogh it, you are a strong woman! Good luck with getting stuff done tonight!!!See you in less than 24 hours!