Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh woe is me.

Oh life, it’s crazy. Work is well work, the management sucks, the co-workers are well just that co-workers. I get along with some more then others and even do things outside of work with a couple. I’m just sick of my job. Sick of going above and beyond all the time and never getting any “reward” so to speak. Sick of getting paid crap for money for a job that should be making way more. Especially with the prep, scheduling and filing I do. When I talk to others in other jobs that don’t do all the detail we do and they are getting paid more, well it hurts. I’m worth more then this. I did have a certification as a nursing assistant. I also got 2 degrees through online school which well I’m not really using, one as a pharmacy tech, but I’m not certified and the other as a Medical Office clerk which I guess you could say I’m using, but not to the full extent. What stinks is that if I wanted to get into insurance or coding or something of the like I’d need to have more experience. And where do I get this experience if no one is willing to hire me.

It thought that if I stuck it out long enough at my current place that I’d eventually move up. Which I guess I have, first phone operator in Minneapolis, then medical records in Maplewood then scheduling in Maplewood, which was kind of a float thing, then radiation medical records. I’m in the process of looking and applying for jobs but with the economy of course there is either nothing out there or if I do apply I’m one in 500 it seems. I’ve been told my resume is good and I have lots of experience in my field but who knows.

Ok enough about work. Family life is good, Ian is breaking yet another tooth, an eye tooth. He is talking a little more each day but not really saying words. Or just using the same words but more. Especially the word “NO” he’s good with that one. What really melts my heart though is if I pretend to cry when he won’t give me a hug or if he’s just ignoring me, he comes up to me, rubs my face and then gives me a hug. I always ask for a kiss now too because well they aren’t open mouth kisses anymore but he just presses his closed lips up against yours, doesn’t really make the kissing action. And of course I will then show him a huge smile and he laughs and runs away. My little man is growing up. I look back on pictures of him just a year ago and wow what a difference a year makes. He use to fit in my one arm and now he’s half my height. Which of course isn’t a whole lot at 5’ but hey who’s counting. Rob and I are doing well, still going to counseling every other week, which helps. We are able to talk things out that we may or may not have known was bugging the other person and we are both getting another person we respect opinion. Or at least she puts it into perspective.

So that’s life