Friday, July 31, 2009

Woohoo I'm excited!

Ok not so much, tonight Rob and I need to shovel a bunch of dirt and empty it around the house. Grading for the new rock we are going to put down and to keep water from getting in the basement, there is already a crack in the foundation. To top it off yesterday when getting home I noticed a huge crack in the driveway, yep when the truck dropped the dirt off it cracked. Nice! Sharon my mother-in-law is taking Ian for the night so Rob and I can get a good amount of work done uninterrupted.

What I am excited for is going to the MOA tomorrow with my bestie Cheri and my future daughter-in-law. Yep Chloe will be marrying my Ian when they are old enough of course. Then on Sunday we are going to my Aunt's for a surprise Birthday party for my grandma which should be interesting considering she's turning 80 and has dementia pretty bad. It's sad really. She gets very mean, thinks everyone in the assisted living is sleeping together (which is funny if you think about it) and she is hallucinating quite a bit. Tells us stories about how these men are always moving the trees outside her windows. My mom says they are thinking they may need to move her to the memory care center soon. Which really stinks because she won't be able to do what she really wants. But as of now she pretty much stays in her room. It takes her 3+ hours to pick out what she is going to wear for the day.

Hopefully Sunday will turn out nice and she doesn't have a heart attack when we all yell "Surprise"

Update on the family: Ian will be 18 months on the 9th which I truly can't believe, seems young to some but for me well he's getting to old. Next thing I know he'll be 2! He's babbling more, says a few words, but the fun part has come, the hitting and throwing of things. We of course tell him no but other then that I don't really know what else to get him to stop. For example, this morning I was on the computer at the kitchen table and he was next to me babbling and whining. I ignored the whining and next thing I know he's hitting my side. He wanted to get up in the chair with me and play on the computer (push random buttons) I of course told him "No, we don't hit." So other then that I don't know if there is anything else I should do or say.

Rob is doing well, Loonatix is done as of today and the equipment is all going down to Al's house tomorrow. I'm happy about it but sad at the same time for Rob's sake. He's looking forward to new things but sad that this chapter of his life is closing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Please pray for Stellan...

He is not doing well right now. His heart has been in SVT (super ventricular tachycardia) I too suffer from this from time to time and it is rather uncomfortable, annoying, makes you feel awful, but mine don't get as rapid as his does. From MckMama's posts Stellan is ashin, gray, body temp is down and kidney's are not functioning properly because he's had SVT for 3 days straight now. No meds are bringing it down.

Please please pray for this family!

Friday, July 17, 2009


So I'm sitting here watching "16 and Pregnant" yeah I know bad but it's just one of those shows I'm stuck on. Either way it brought a lot of my feelings to the surface. Recently I had a IUD placed, I know it's not permanent but would at least like to get our money's worth and keep it in for a year. Either way the emotions that came to the surface had me bawling like a baby. Reason being.....I WANT ANOTHER BABY. Yes I know I should be thankful for what I have, I have a beautiful, happy, smart red headed boy.

Rob and I decided to not have another baby right now, well we decided this a month or so ago when we started having more money issues. We both know that we are not financially stable enough right now to have/support another child. God knows that we have enough love and room in our hearts for another baby. Which in reality really sucks! I am so mad with the economy right now, not being able to get raises, not being able to get a better paying job, mortgage companies and loan companies coming down on us. The price of EVERYTHING going up. There is just not enough.

I know that some day we WILL have another child. But at the same time Ian is already 17 month pregnant and I don't want my babies to be many years apart in age.

Sorry for all my rambling, and whining....but hey isn't that what this thing is for? To get your emotions, feelings, drama, thoughts out on?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Changes....painful changes.

So I decided I needed to get back on birth control, I hate using condoms as does Rob and the pill and I don't agree much. I did good on the ring but with our new insurance it is quite spendy so I opted for an IUD, not only can it last up to 5 years...we don't plan on using it that long....but I don't have to worry about taking yet another pill on top of the 8 I take a day already. So I first opted for the copper as it had no hormones....then when reading message boards and such about it I decided it really wasn't for me, as it causes heavier periods, may be allergic to copper, and some other things. The Mirena, has only one hormone and it's a very low dose. I did good with the ring so the dr. said I should do excellent on the Mirena.

So I had to get this done during my period...which is embarrassing enough, then the gyn had to dilate my cervix........OUCH!......then measure my uterus and then put it in there. Ok the only part that hurt was the dilation, I didn't even feel him put in the IUD. Thank God, because I heard/read horror stories about that too.

So now off to have spontaneous sex...well once Aunt Flo goes away...she may be around for a bit as the IUD and my body become use to each other. Oh and another perk....Mirena helps you to get a shorter lighter period if even one at all.

Ok, on another note, this past Monday Ian got bit for the first time at daycare. I have been waiting for this to happen. Working in daycare for years I knew either he would bite or be bitten it was just a matter of time. He got a nice bit mark on his cheek which turned purple the first day and is now lightening up. He is doing very good, but when he comes home from daycare he is very clingy for the first hour he's home, and guess what...he only wants mommy. Which is fine with me most of the time, but last night was rough since I was hurting and cramping a ton from the IUD, but Ian was cool with just snuggling with mommy in the rocker with his blankie, boo and nuk. We try not to let him have his nuk unless he's sleeping but heck I didn't want to deal with screaming and crying last night.

Rob is doing well, Loonatix will be done as of July 31st and then the last cd will be coming out. I'm sad it's ending for his sake but happy that we will have a garage, and no one just in our garage at various times of the night and day. No more cigarette smoking and leaving their butts for me to pick up in our rock garden (that pisses me off more then anything)