Monday, June 19, 2006

Rob is home!!!!!

Oh my gosh I am so happy. My Robbie came home today. He got home from a 2 week tour today. As happy as I am that he had a good time and got to promote and see a bunch of new places and new people I am so happy to have him home. If we were rich and I didn't have to work I for sure would have gone with but we aren't rich and I do have to work and take care of our home and Lola. So yeah he is so happy to be home and just keeps telling me so many stories of things they saw and conversations they had and so forth.

So now the wedding planning begins. We really need to find a photographer and a cake place. A huge part of me just wants to say screw it all, let's go to Vegas. And we would but I already have my dress and I know that is really what we want in the long run. When we look back on that day 50 years from now we will be happy that we did end up doing it that way.

So this weekend Rob has a show in IL but it's only for the night but such a long fuckin drive for one show for one night. But for me I'm excited because I am going to go see my ma in WI for the weekend. So I will be laying out on the pontoon on the lake enjoying a drink while he's driving. Oh well that's the life of a musician. So yeah besides that not much is going on. Rob and I are just enjoying being back in eachothers arms once again. He is so fucking cute! He just keeps coming up and grabbing me and giving me kisses.

Well I gotta go spend more time with my man, if you know what I mean!