Monday, December 12, 2005

Great weekend.

I had a awesome weekend, once again Rob and I are doing better then ever. Friday I went to his place and we made dinner well he made dinner and it was almost done when I got there, which was so nice then we layed around for awhile then watched "Elf" and laughed our asses off. And went to bed.

Sat. we got up and got ready ran to get some flyers printed up and went to the thrift store down in Brooklyn Center to get our sweaters for the Christmas sweater party this weekend and since we were down there I had the fabulous idea of eatting ar Rocky Rocco's mmmm so damn good then we went home napped and got ready for the show that night, the show was really good, Al was pretty drunk and the cd kept skipping so that sucked but everyone else did a good job, Al got 3rd which meant $300 for him. Infinity won, which was cool for them, he deserves it. We were all kind of tipsy by the end of the night and hungry so Me, Rob, Tom, Wace, Shaklz, Sara, Linz, Al, Chevy and Ill.poetic all went to Denny's and well that was fun, a little crazy and surprised we didn't get kicked out. Got to bed around 4am.

Sun. of course we woke up around 11 or noon and layed around, didn't do much, started getting ready around 3ish and then went to dinner at Chili's and then to the play at the Guthrie at 7pm. The play was awesome I had never been there before and well let's just say it kicked ass. So many talented actors, the kids in the show were amazing.

Rob and I seem to be getting better every weekend and as we know we can't live together right now we are hoping to sometime soon in the future.

I am so looking forward to this weekend, we have a party Fri. night and then Sat. we are at my grandma's for x-mas and then Sun. is Rob's b-day and Mon. night we have X-mas with my family since I will be with Rob in Sheboygan over x-mas. I can't wait to see Rob's face when he sees what I got him for his b-day and x-mas. hehe

Well that is all for now. Don't really know what else to say.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Long weekend

Wed - well I worked all day and well the day sucked, it was slow and boring but did go to Rob's house after work and then we went down to the Annex for a show. Very fun night indeed went and ate at Pizza de luce (sp?) Yummy then left from the Annex and I believe we then went home. I think.

Thurs. - got up and ready went to my brother's house and saw my nieces and ate some turkey and such then left went to Rob's mom's house ate some more and some pie. Then we drove home, let Lola out and drove to movie theatre to see Just Friends - very funny ass movie with Sharon, Rob, Tom, Uriah, Taylor and Joe, then Joe, Rob, Tom, Uriah and I went to the Mermaid for some drinks and then Tom and Uriah and Joe picked up White Castle on the way home then we all had stomach aches and I was well the drunken one that night but had a blast.

Friday - Got up later, went out to breakfast with Uriah, Tom, Taylor and Rob, came home then went shopping got home and then drove down to Kato for a show then came home and went to bed. Show was fun, got to finally meet Casey and hang out with Sara and Tress.

Sat. - Got up to early and got Rob ready to get pics taken with Tom and Taylor, Sharon and Adrian were there when we got up and I did Taylor's hair and we all headed out to Sears then to IHOP for breakfast - mmmm good! Then Rob and I got home and took about a 4 hr. nap then got up and Rob was out in the studio for awhile and then we watched a movie.

Sun. - Well we laid around a lot to tell ya the truth I really don't remember what we did. Oh wait we went to Bob's house at around noon and watched the end of the Vikes game and had some burgers and then watched the Packers game till about half time. Rob worked on some beats at home in the living room while I watched tv. Very relaxing day.

So now here I am on Mon. at work once again and very bored. I am so tired and just want to go home and pass out on my bed. But I have to do laundry and probably put away some boxes for my ma. Wadda do?

Monday, November 7, 2005

Great weekend.

So yeah I had a great weekend. Friday night Rob came over with Lola and spent the night, didn't do much but watch a movie and talk but it was very nice. Then we got up Sat. and he cleaned some junk out of the van and went and got new tires on it and got it cleaned from top to bottom in and out and now it is so nice. He spent the rest of the day with his buddies Jason and Jimmy and they went out to eat had drinks and then went mini-golfing which is always a blast. My mom and I went and met Missy and Robin at The Green Mill and had a wonderful lunch and a wonderful time catching up with the two of them. Of course my damn anxiety is still skyrocketing and annoying the hell out of me. Damn why can't it just go away. The depression is getting better but the anxiety is getting worse. Oh well can't win hopefully the meds will work themselves out and all will be well. So anyways then my mom and I went and got groceries for grams since she is home ill and won't spend the money herself and then went out to her place for a hour. We got home cleaned a little and then watched a movie. It was all good. Fun time spending a day with mom.
Sun. I got up and got ready and went out to Rob's place and spent the day. He was such a sweetheart and also treated me to a movie and then we got home and pretty much relaxed for the rest of the night. Good ass weekend. And I stayed busy which was nice. No real boring times

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bored yet excited.

So here I am sitting at work and there is a annual meeting going on today so there are a few hundred people coming in the door. Quite chaotic but I am up in a little room and not being bothered by them thank God. So last night Rob came over and we had a good talk about some things and went on a walk with Lola and watched a little tv. I really wish we had the money to go out and do things but we don't. Speaking of needing money after he left my ma mentioned there was a message for me on the voice mail so I go and listen and it's CVS pharmacy wanting me to come in for a interview. Well it was to late to call back so I call today and have a interview at 6pm today. I don't know if it's going to be for the pharmacy tech position or for a cashier post. but either way it's cool. I have never worked 2 jobs in my life. Never needed to but I need to start saving money and such for when I move into my own place come this spring. By that time I will have my credit card paid off and my car is now paid off and I will only have Rent, electricity, cellphone, cable and internet and then schooling. My first semester is already paid for in full so I am hoping I have enough saved up by the time 2nd semester comes rolling around so I can pay it all at once and get a lower rate and not have another monthly bill tacked on. I am so not thrilled about having to work weekends because that is really my only time I get to spend with Rob, it would be different if we still lived together but we don't and I need the money. So yeah that's about it I still have another freaking hour and 40 min. before I get out of here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good Day

Well I seem to be having a good day today. I woke up and was acting silly while showering and such even though I didn't really want to because I was still half asleep but it seemed to lighten my mood and made my day go by quite nicely.

I am in the beginning process of looking for a apartment. I need a one bedroom or a studio that allows small dogs and in the twin cites. But not downtown of course. I can actually only afford about $500 a month so that really narrows it down. I could live with a roommate but I really think I should live on my own and be more independent since I have never done that before. Anyways just wanted to share my news. If anyone that reads this knows of any good apartments in nice safe areas email me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bored off my ass.

So here I am bored off my ass at work, I so need to find a better job. I will though once I get my ASB that I haven't ever freaking started yet. But hey I know a lot about the subject already so it shouldn't be to hard. Well not the first semester at least.

Anyways I love this site. I am here a lot but still haven't figured out how to get my background to change. I know you go to but once you copy the shit where do you paste it? yeah I am a little slow but if anyone reads this and know please fill me in.

I have to look for a pt job too. I am probably going to go look this week. Tonight for sure. Places like Cub foods, Target, and possibly Wal-mart. Easy places to work . I need about 15-20 hrs. a week. If anyone who lives in the Twin cities area knows of anything let me know.

One thing I do have to say on here is why does no one understand me? I feel as if people think I am a bitch. I don't get it. I know I tend to have a opinion but I try my hardest to bite my tounge. I try to get along with others to make friends but it just doesn't work. What am I doing wrong what can I do more of? I like to think of myself as a giving loving person. Is it because I don't drink a lot or smoke weed? I know that is a silly question but it just feels like that at times. I mean when I am with Rob and his friends anyways. I like to think of them as my friends to. Are they? They are my friend on I dunno. I don't have a very good self-esteem and yeah I am working on that.