Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coming up....

So we have 3 months and 5 days till the wedding. We are so damn excited. Excited to get married and excited to just well get it over with. The planning and all the different places we had to visit. So exhausting. Can't wait to just go on our honeymoon and come home and be husband and wife. Saturday we will be cake testing and getting the dresses for the junior bridesmaid and the flower girl so that should be exciting.

I put our engagement picture up in my profile I hope you all like it. Weddings are frustrating because there are so many people I want to invite yet can't cause we just don't have that much money. Barely have enough to cover who we have coming now. So if you want you can throw some our way!!!!

So yeah that's it just thought I would update any of you that care about the wedding. My dress, veil and tiara are in. The photographer is hired, so is the dj. We have our ceremomy pretty much written we just need to get the cake ordered and get the invites printed and sent out. Ahhhhhhhhhh Stress!!!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


On Thursday the 11th I walk into my OB clinic and Rob is sitting there, he doesn't look to happy. Turns out the ultrasound tech didn't show that day so we were unable to get our ultasound. After some tears we were able to get the ultrasound the next day at 4pm at another clinic.

Fast forward to Friday at 4pm. I was so excited, my stomach was so up and down I lost my lunch....literally. But once I was laying down with that warm gel on my tummy and seeing our beautiful baby I was on cloud 9. She started at the head and we got a lot of wonderful profile pictures. Then she moved down to the tummy and heart etc. taking measurments, the suspense was killing me yet I loved taking everything in, knowing that the heart was functioning perfectly and everything was right where it is suppose to be. 10 fingers, 10 toes the umbilical cord is perfect. So we get to the between the legs shot and turns out the umbilical cord is also between the legs so she pokes around on that side for a bit and the baby moves and sure enough she says "It's a boy!" Both Rob and I questioned here asking if she was sure and she pointed out all the little boy parts. I of course started crying once again, we were both shocked because we thought for sure we were having a girl.

I think when so many people tell you that you are going to have a girl you start to believe it yourself. So anyways we are almost done with the ultrasound a hour later, I think she felt bad that she got us in late plus what happened at the other clinic so she didn't rush it. Which was so sweet of her. Then we get to measuring my cervix and the placenta. Not so good news. Turns out the placenta is partially covering the opening to my cervix and if it keeps covering it then I will not be able to have a vaginal birth which I really want. Most woman do. I don't want to be cut open and have my baby taken that way. So we have to schedule another ultrasound for a month or two down the road to see if the placenta receeds or if it covers more. If it covers more then we will be scheduling a c-section. Which in that case I will be scheduling it for Feb. 7th, because that is my daddy's birthday and well since he isn't here to experience the baby's birth we can at least have him born on the same day and we are also giving our little guy my dad's middle name.

So that is my wonderful, dramatic ultrasound. Rob and I are both on cloud 9. The pictures are in my profile if you want to go take a gander.