Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun weekend. Well kind of.

Friday night Rob's mom and her boyfriend Adrian came to visit. They missed us and missed Ian. So they came for a bit and Ian was a crab butt. But perked right up once he got to have a half of a brownie. He was freaking hilarious.

Saturday morning we were all up, Ian did sleep until 7am so that was nice. I got up with him and let Rob sleep. Rob got up and had some breakfast and in the mean time I got in the shower. When I got out Rob told me that he had thrown up. He thinks it's due to his multi-vitamin. He's been getting nauseous from them lately and I got a different brand this last time I went. Got the store brand rather then name brand. But either way he's going to stop taking them.

Ian and I then left to go meet up with my sister in law Trina and my nieces, Meghan, Haley and Sabrina. We met at Maple Grove Community Center, they have a indoor playground. It was a blast for the kids. Then we went over to Taco Bell for lunch. Ian went home with his Auntie Trina and cousins for the night so Rob and I could have a date night. Thank God for family. I love them so much and we owe them big time. Rob and I went out to dinner at Gluek's in downtown Mpls. and then to see the movie "Hangover." It was hilarious. When we got home I was a little hungry so ate a handful of chips and then off to bed. Only to wake up at 3am with horrible sweats and stomach hurting. So off to the bathroom I went. I then proceeded to get sick for the next hour. It was the kind of puking where you never ever feel like you are going to stop.

I didn't eat anything until about 1pm on Sunday. Then ate some dinner but didn't even eat half of it. When we picked up Ian at 2pm we found out Ian had also spit up last night. Not sure why, but it was just milk. He was super crabby tonight but I think with the combonation of 6 teeth coming in right now and being overly tired it didn't work well for him. He didn't even eat dinner. Took a bit or two and then had a few strawberry slices before bed but that was it. Very surprising for him. I really hope he's not getting sick.

Well we are off to another work week, I have a psychiatrist appt. Tuesday morning and Ian has his 15 month shots....a month late..... on Wednesday. I'm sending Daddy to do that one. Mommy can't handle seeing Ian in pain like that.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New start..

Yesterday Ian started his new daycare. We were very sad he had to leave Sarah's as she is going on to her internship this summer. So we decided rather then find a daycare just for the summer we would move him for good. Hard decision but I think it's a good one for him. He seems to be doing really well. When I dropped him off yesterday he decided to come bearing gifts for his new daycare mama. So off we went to change his diaper first thing. Which of course I offered to do but she insisted. He had a wonderful day, went down for his morning nap with no problem and slept for 2 hours, she said she kept going in to check on him because she was surprised he was sleeping so long. So she ended up not putting him down for a afternoon nap and Ian was pretty crabby last night and then woke up screaming bloody murder twice last night. Poor little guy. I don't know if his teeth are coming in or what. He doesn't let us touch his mouth or look so it's hard to tell. On Saturday when him and I were playing I thought I saw some swollen gums back by his molars but when I tried to get a better look well he wasn't having it.

Rob and I are doing great, we still have some spiffs here and there but it's always over silly things. Rob made the decision to end Loonatix once and for all and told the crew this past Saturday. I was pleasently surprised when he told me over a week ago he was planning on doing this and this time he is sticking to his guns no matter what the other guys say. I'm very proud of him. His heart is just not into it anymore. His heart lies in computers and graphic arts, so he decided to start 2 new websites for just that. Hopefully he can make some side cash. He does have a show this weekend but then that's it until August some time when they will have a Loonatix ending party/Phatty retirement party. Should be fun.

I'm not doing a whole lot right now, just normal everyday stuff, get up, go to work, come home, clean, eat dinner, get Ian ready for bed etc. We've been working on our yard and I've been trying my luck at growing some tomatoes, stawberries and flowers. Of course we have no garden so it's all in pots. I really want our next house to have a spot in the backyard for gardening.

On a positive note my new meds are working wonders. I haven't had any anxiety for quite a bit. Haven't have do take a Klonapin in over 2 weeks. Woohoo! Maybe just maybe we have found the right combo of drugs.