Monday, January 16, 2006


Can I just say that I am the happiest woman in the world right now? Rob asked me to marry him on Sat. Jan. 14th at 11:07am. We had gone snowboarding, my first time and we had been there for about a hour. Well we were at the top of the hill and I was tired and he wanted to go down so I waited at the top for him. He came back up and went from where I was sitting to the opposite side of the top of the hill, he asked me to come over by him and he was laying on his back like he was tired so I jsut thought he wanted me to sit with him. Well I get over there and remind you we are still both strapped into our boards and he rolls over on his stomach and gets up on his knees. I thought he was getting ready to go down again but then he started taking off his gloves and said he had a question he had to ask me (as he was reaching in his pocket) Then I start freaking out and he pulls his hat off and on the white bandana he was wearing was a piece of white duct tape saying "Will you marry me Tara?" I of course said "YES" He then put the ring on my finger and he was shaking so horriably and we were both crying and shaking and just so damn happy. I knew this day would come someday but didn't expect it at all this weekend. On top of Buck hill of all places. It was perfect. I am just so thrilled. So we are planning the wedding for Summer of 07. Not a huge wedding but a good size. We really ahve to start looking into places now and book a place for our day!