Sunday, March 8, 2009

Upcoming vacation....

So it's Sunday night and I'm already stressing about our trip to FL. I am excited about the trip and to go and enjoy myself and the warm weather etc. But I'm not excited in fact I'm very anxious about the trip itself in all. I'm nervous about the plane ride. It will be Ian's first plane ride and we have a bottle and nuk for him hoping that will help with the ear situation. But I just don't want to be one of those parents that has a screaming child the entire 3 hour flight.

Also we will be spending the week at my mom's who's home in FL I have never visited and well let's just say that's not a 'safe' zone for me. Granted I do have panic and anxiety attacks in my 'safe' zones but I tend to have them more in not 'safe' zones.

I did get my psych to up my meds from 20-30 mg of Lexapro and he did (reluctantly) give me another rx for my Klonapin so I could have 3 a day if needed. Granted they are only .5mg pills and it seems my body is becoming quite immune to them. Which sucks because they are an addictive drug but I do only take them when I need.

So either way I'm looking for ways to help calm my anxiety and panic attacks when these things happen.

So either way if you actually read my blog if you would be so kind to keep me in your thoughts and prayers come Tuesday that would be wonderful.