Monday, December 12, 2005

Great weekend.

I had a awesome weekend, once again Rob and I are doing better then ever. Friday I went to his place and we made dinner well he made dinner and it was almost done when I got there, which was so nice then we layed around for awhile then watched "Elf" and laughed our asses off. And went to bed.

Sat. we got up and got ready ran to get some flyers printed up and went to the thrift store down in Brooklyn Center to get our sweaters for the Christmas sweater party this weekend and since we were down there I had the fabulous idea of eatting ar Rocky Rocco's mmmm so damn good then we went home napped and got ready for the show that night, the show was really good, Al was pretty drunk and the cd kept skipping so that sucked but everyone else did a good job, Al got 3rd which meant $300 for him. Infinity won, which was cool for them, he deserves it. We were all kind of tipsy by the end of the night and hungry so Me, Rob, Tom, Wace, Shaklz, Sara, Linz, Al, Chevy and Ill.poetic all went to Denny's and well that was fun, a little crazy and surprised we didn't get kicked out. Got to bed around 4am.

Sun. of course we woke up around 11 or noon and layed around, didn't do much, started getting ready around 3ish and then went to dinner at Chili's and then to the play at the Guthrie at 7pm. The play was awesome I had never been there before and well let's just say it kicked ass. So many talented actors, the kids in the show were amazing.

Rob and I seem to be getting better every weekend and as we know we can't live together right now we are hoping to sometime soon in the future.

I am so looking forward to this weekend, we have a party Fri. night and then Sat. we are at my grandma's for x-mas and then Sun. is Rob's b-day and Mon. night we have X-mas with my family since I will be with Rob in Sheboygan over x-mas. I can't wait to see Rob's face when he sees what I got him for his b-day and x-mas. hehe

Well that is all for now. Don't really know what else to say.