Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coming up....

So we have 3 months and 5 days till the wedding. We are so damn excited. Excited to get married and excited to just well get it over with. The planning and all the different places we had to visit. So exhausting. Can't wait to just go on our honeymoon and come home and be husband and wife. Saturday we will be cake testing and getting the dresses for the junior bridesmaid and the flower girl so that should be exciting.

I put our engagement picture up in my profile I hope you all like it. Weddings are frustrating because there are so many people I want to invite yet can't cause we just don't have that much money. Barely have enough to cover who we have coming now. So if you want you can throw some our way!!!!

So yeah that's it just thought I would update any of you that care about the wedding. My dress, veil and tiara are in. The photographer is hired, so is the dj. We have our ceremomy pretty much written we just need to get the cake ordered and get the invites printed and sent out. Ahhhhhhhhhh Stress!!!!!!

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