Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bored yet excited.

So here I am sitting at work and there is a annual meeting going on today so there are a few hundred people coming in the door. Quite chaotic but I am up in a little room and not being bothered by them thank God. So last night Rob came over and we had a good talk about some things and went on a walk with Lola and watched a little tv. I really wish we had the money to go out and do things but we don't. Speaking of needing money after he left my ma mentioned there was a message for me on the voice mail so I go and listen and it's CVS pharmacy wanting me to come in for a interview. Well it was to late to call back so I call today and have a interview at 6pm today. I don't know if it's going to be for the pharmacy tech position or for a cashier post. but either way it's cool. I have never worked 2 jobs in my life. Never needed to but I need to start saving money and such for when I move into my own place come this spring. By that time I will have my credit card paid off and my car is now paid off and I will only have Rent, electricity, cellphone, cable and internet and then schooling. My first semester is already paid for in full so I am hoping I have enough saved up by the time 2nd semester comes rolling around so I can pay it all at once and get a lower rate and not have another monthly bill tacked on. I am so not thrilled about having to work weekends because that is really my only time I get to spend with Rob, it would be different if we still lived together but we don't and I need the money. So yeah that's about it I still have another freaking hour and 40 min. before I get out of here.

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