Monday, November 7, 2005

Great weekend.

So yeah I had a great weekend. Friday night Rob came over with Lola and spent the night, didn't do much but watch a movie and talk but it was very nice. Then we got up Sat. and he cleaned some junk out of the van and went and got new tires on it and got it cleaned from top to bottom in and out and now it is so nice. He spent the rest of the day with his buddies Jason and Jimmy and they went out to eat had drinks and then went mini-golfing which is always a blast. My mom and I went and met Missy and Robin at The Green Mill and had a wonderful lunch and a wonderful time catching up with the two of them. Of course my damn anxiety is still skyrocketing and annoying the hell out of me. Damn why can't it just go away. The depression is getting better but the anxiety is getting worse. Oh well can't win hopefully the meds will work themselves out and all will be well. So anyways then my mom and I went and got groceries for grams since she is home ill and won't spend the money herself and then went out to her place for a hour. We got home cleaned a little and then watched a movie. It was all good. Fun time spending a day with mom.
Sun. I got up and got ready and went out to Rob's place and spent the day. He was such a sweetheart and also treated me to a movie and then we got home and pretty much relaxed for the rest of the night. Good ass weekend. And I stayed busy which was nice. No real boring times

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