Monday, November 28, 2005

Long weekend

Wed - well I worked all day and well the day sucked, it was slow and boring but did go to Rob's house after work and then we went down to the Annex for a show. Very fun night indeed went and ate at Pizza de luce (sp?) Yummy then left from the Annex and I believe we then went home. I think.

Thurs. - got up and ready went to my brother's house and saw my nieces and ate some turkey and such then left went to Rob's mom's house ate some more and some pie. Then we drove home, let Lola out and drove to movie theatre to see Just Friends - very funny ass movie with Sharon, Rob, Tom, Uriah, Taylor and Joe, then Joe, Rob, Tom, Uriah and I went to the Mermaid for some drinks and then Tom and Uriah and Joe picked up White Castle on the way home then we all had stomach aches and I was well the drunken one that night but had a blast.

Friday - Got up later, went out to breakfast with Uriah, Tom, Taylor and Rob, came home then went shopping got home and then drove down to Kato for a show then came home and went to bed. Show was fun, got to finally meet Casey and hang out with Sara and Tress.

Sat. - Got up to early and got Rob ready to get pics taken with Tom and Taylor, Sharon and Adrian were there when we got up and I did Taylor's hair and we all headed out to Sears then to IHOP for breakfast - mmmm good! Then Rob and I got home and took about a 4 hr. nap then got up and Rob was out in the studio for awhile and then we watched a movie.

Sun. - Well we laid around a lot to tell ya the truth I really don't remember what we did. Oh wait we went to Bob's house at around noon and watched the end of the Vikes game and had some burgers and then watched the Packers game till about half time. Rob worked on some beats at home in the living room while I watched tv. Very relaxing day.

So now here I am on Mon. at work once again and very bored. I am so tired and just want to go home and pass out on my bed. But I have to do laundry and probably put away some boxes for my ma. Wadda do?

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