Thursday, July 9, 2009

Changes....painful changes.

So I decided I needed to get back on birth control, I hate using condoms as does Rob and the pill and I don't agree much. I did good on the ring but with our new insurance it is quite spendy so I opted for an IUD, not only can it last up to 5 years...we don't plan on using it that long....but I don't have to worry about taking yet another pill on top of the 8 I take a day already. So I first opted for the copper as it had no hormones....then when reading message boards and such about it I decided it really wasn't for me, as it causes heavier periods, may be allergic to copper, and some other things. The Mirena, has only one hormone and it's a very low dose. I did good with the ring so the dr. said I should do excellent on the Mirena.

So I had to get this done during my period...which is embarrassing enough, then the gyn had to dilate my cervix........OUCH!......then measure my uterus and then put it in there. Ok the only part that hurt was the dilation, I didn't even feel him put in the IUD. Thank God, because I heard/read horror stories about that too.

So now off to have spontaneous sex...well once Aunt Flo goes away...she may be around for a bit as the IUD and my body become use to each other. Oh and another perk....Mirena helps you to get a shorter lighter period if even one at all.

Ok, on another note, this past Monday Ian got bit for the first time at daycare. I have been waiting for this to happen. Working in daycare for years I knew either he would bite or be bitten it was just a matter of time. He got a nice bit mark on his cheek which turned purple the first day and is now lightening up. He is doing very good, but when he comes home from daycare he is very clingy for the first hour he's home, and guess what...he only wants mommy. Which is fine with me most of the time, but last night was rough since I was hurting and cramping a ton from the IUD, but Ian was cool with just snuggling with mommy in the rocker with his blankie, boo and nuk. We try not to let him have his nuk unless he's sleeping but heck I didn't want to deal with screaming and crying last night.

Rob is doing well, Loonatix will be done as of July 31st and then the last cd will be coming out. I'm sad it's ending for his sake but happy that we will have a garage, and no one just in our garage at various times of the night and day. No more cigarette smoking and leaving their butts for me to pick up in our rock garden (that pisses me off more then anything)


  1. One of my friends loves her Mirena and plans on getting a new one when her current one expires. I hope it works as well for you!

  2. I want an IUD, but I'm pretty sure my OB won't do it with my stupid bleedy cervix.