Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Damn insurance!

So I go to the GYN today because I think I may have an infection and I need to get on new birth control. The pill I was on before was for a nursing mom and now that I am no longer a nursing mommy :so sad: I no longer need to be on it. Plus I noticed I was bruising on my legs very heavily. I talked to the Hematologist Dr. at my office and he ordered labs and asked me to go off of my birth control. Sure enough my labs came back fine and the bruising stops a week after I stop the birth control.

So the GYN today prescribes my YAZ, it's a low dose hormone which is what I want and I call my pharmacy to see how much it is and sure enough it's freaking $117 for 3 months worth. Um yeah it's because I have such a high damn deductible. I have to pay out $1000 before I start getting coverage, oh and I have to pay out $1000 for Ian before he starts getting full coverage. Oh and the damn $30 we pay for co pays at every dr. visit don't count towards that. Grrrr.

So needless to say Rob and I will be using condoms for a bit. I sure as hell don't want to pay that much for birth control.

I would like to be on it for the simple fact that I hate using condoms and to be on the safe side for now because we are NOT ready for another one.


  1. E and I have never used a condom...ever. What bc were you on when you were still nursing. Since my periods returned, I'm getting to the point where I might need to get on something because they are horrible.