Thursday, February 12, 2009

1 Year Check up

So yesterday we took Ian for his one year check up, they started it by pricking his poor little finger. He's had this done before but we've had his nuk, yep this time we forgot it. Lots of screaming. Poor little guy. Well he's weighing in at 25lbs and 30in long.

Pediatrician said he is now ok to switch him to 2% milk, she doesn't want us to use whole milk because there are studies out saying that the high fat in whole milk is linked to heart disease and high cholesterol. Which is fine with me but at the same time I was breast milk is also high in fat but also high in nutritional value. So we'll see. We are also going to cut out one of his bottles a day and then slowly cut out his afternoon bottle so he will then only have his morning bottle and then his bedtime bottle and of course will have milk or water at meal and snack times. Having him lower his fluid intake should help with his appetite when it comes time to eat dinner.

The ped says we can also switch him to forward facing in the car now which Rob is very excited about but I told him this is were I'm putting my foot down and he will not be forward facing for awhile longer. Dr said this was fine just as long as his legs don't get scrunched up to much as if we were to get in a accident when his legs are squished he could break his hips. But I think if given the decision I would much rather have him break his hip over his neck.

Ian had a very rough night last night until about 2am. He went down for bed great but woke up around 9:30 just screaming his head off. We would go in there and rub his back and he would do ok for a minute but then as soon as we walked away or if we took our hand away he cried uncontrollably. So I had to say enough was enough and let him cry for a bit, I went in after 5 minutes and "ssssshhhh'd" him then he kept crying and I went in after 10 minutes, again doing the same thing and then was about to go in after 15 minutes but he had calmed down and was only crying softly so I didn't go in and then he slept, but until about 2am I heard him whining on and off. He didn't full out cry again but I could tell he was having a hard time.

I feel horrible for letting him cry sometimes but other times I feel like there is nothing else I can do I don't want to lose it with him so it's better that he cry in his crib then have a angry mama.

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  1. I'm totally against letting them cry, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. He's not an infant anymore and if it helps him in the long run, you're doing what's right for both of you.