Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sick sick sick

Oh how I hate being sick, I mean who really likes it but still I've been sick for over a week now with a cold from Hell. Bronchitis, Sinusitis and double ear infections, the bronchitis is really what is killing me at this point. The coughing, the not getting enough oxygen, the nebulizer helps a teeny tiny bit, the cough medicine helps a tiny bit but I'm still having coughing fits to the point that I am throwing up at times.

Other then all of that life is good, this past weekend was Rob's final Loonatix show, the doors to Loonatix are now closed. You can still buy merchandise at www.loonatix.net I am so proud of him. He's done a wonderful job with his record label. Now it's on to the next chapter in our life.

Ian is doing well right now, has been having pretty crabby moments, seems to be having nightmares at night, has ended up in bed with us a few times. Really wanting to be held and cuddled at times and then the next minute is pushing you away. Has taken a huge interest in his blankies.


  1. The sick has come to my house this week and I wish it would leave... not fun! Your son is a doll! How old is he? 1 or 2? My two almost three year old is just now getting out of the blankie stage... and I have been through the nightmares with both of my boys...

    Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Little ones and blankies are so cute. My boys have both had blankies that are their BFF's.