Monday, May 4, 2009

Spoke to soon.

Well last night I wrote a new blog saying how good things were going. I had some stomach issues yesterday but just figured it was due to me having my period and well to be honest, lots of gas. Well when we were on our drive home last night from Rob's moms my stomach started to cramp pretty badly and then when we were only a mile from the house it was cramping so badly I felt like I was having contractions. I ran into the house and took care of business and felt much better. Later I enjoyed some ice cream with Rob and suddenly felt ill once again. I went upstairs to try to read and relax. That didn't last long before I knew it I was throwing up. I think it was a mix of not feeling well mixed with a panic attack.

I was up through out the night so needless to say I'm at home today, relaxing and trying to rest.

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  1. Hi Tara,

    Panic attacks are the worst. I've gotten mine under control - it took a while to figure out how. I can probably give you some pointers but different things work for different people as not everyone's triggers are the same. I am not one to offer unsolicited advice - so if you want some you'll have to ask.

    Hope you feel better...

    Cute kid BTW