Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New sunglasses

So after work today I got home and got Ian and Rob, we headed to the mall and had some fabulous dinner at Charley's grilled subs. Yummo. Then we headed off to Vision World because I needed a pair of prescription sunglasses since I can't seem to wear contacts anymore which really sucks. I can't wait till we save up enough money and I can have the surgery. So we pick out two different pair, it just so happens that they are having a half off lenses sale and I have a coupon for any frame for $60. To bad we couldn't use them together but I did end up getting the more expensive pair for only $247 after taxes and all which all in all isn't horrible and now I have a nice pair of sunglasses.

Tomorrow I only have to work a half day so I'm looking forward to that, I wish I didn't have to work at all, Rob has the next two days off...damn him. But Friday will be my last day in Woodbury and then I will no longer have to transfer out to Woodbury to work in medical records.

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