Friday, May 2, 2008

Men just don't get it.

So it's going to be my first Mother's Day. And what do I get? I get a husband that is going out the night before with his friends and staying out for the night. Granted I don't want him to drive home and risk his life or the lives of others but at the same time I want a full nights rest and I want to sleep in. I want breakfast made for me. I want to feel like a queen. I want to be appreciated for what I do.

I just don't understand. Rob says that the reason he is no going to change the date with his guys is because it's been planned for 3 months and none of the other guys have a issue with it with their wives so why should I. Well none of the other moms are celebrating their very first Mother's Day. Ugh!

I guess I should never expect anything from him, that way if I do get something I am pleasently surprised and grateful. I know I should be happy that I am married to him and he does his share in taking care of Ian and the house but at the same time I get upset because he goes out for his shows on the weekends to perform and gets to drink and hang out with those friends then. But that's different because that is a different set of friends.

Ugh men are so complicated. So annoying. So full of shit!

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